Kamikaze Deathdive

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First game by new developer. Feedback greatly appreciated.Kamikaze Deathdive is a fast pasted action arcade game, in the spirit of the classic copter style games. The twist being you’re SUPPOSED to crash! But only into enemy battleships of course. Do you have the skill to destroy the entire enemy fleet?Take control of a lone WW2 Zero fighter, and navigate past enemy fighter formations, bombers, barrage balloons, anti-aircraft fire and more in an attempt to reach and sink the enemy battleships in a fearless Kamikaze Deathdive! Who needs a jetpack when you can fly a human guided bomb! So come along for a joyride and take on the enemy fleet… banzai!!!Controls:
-Tap anywhere for power-Swipe down to go into a Banzai Deathdive into enemy warships.-Swipe right to power across the screen and get out of trouble.Features:
-Select the flag of the enemy ships.
-6 different ships to destroy.
-Infinite game, destroy one fleet after the other.


Out now on iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch!!!


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